Chicago: The Perfect Winter Escape?

Seems odd to say this but, for the first Winter in a long time, Chicago seems to be the place to be in the U.S. if you want to escape the snowy blizzards of the East Coast or the storms and dangerous mudslides of the West Coast.

What began with frigid temps in December settled to average temperature in January (though nearly no snow) and, so far, February has been warmer than usual. With Spring Equinox less than one month away, it seems a perfect travel option!

I should, however, be cautious to make any predictions as I know Chicagoans have been known to experience frigid temperatures – not often sub-zero – and even snow all the way into May but I can’t help but think we’ve passed the hump of typical snowstorms and arctic-like winds.

Either I’m seeing a pattern that will be favorable for an early Spring visit to the Windy City, Second City or whatever you like to call it, or I’m being overly optimistic in light of the 60F – 70F temps we had this past weekend…in February!

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