Tour Through A Lens gives you a personal and unique experience. You will see things along our route that begin to open your eyes to ordinary things in creative ways. You’ll capture the city and take home a lasting travel story.

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3- Await confirmation of date / time availability
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You’re choosing to spend time on your photography passion
Choose how much time with a dedicated guide

Why Book with TTAL

Explore An Award-Winning City

Chicago has been named Best Big City for SIX consecutive years by Condé Nast Traveler...and this will our playground for your tour!

Local Expert

Your guide, Teresa Peek, will be your local expert passionate about Chicago and photography. She’ll get you there at the right time of light so you can create your photos and see things you may have otherwise missed

Excellent Reputation

When you book Tour Through A Lens, you’re booking an established woman-owned business with an excellent reputation providing photography tours

Customized For You

You’ll answer a questionnaire for Teresa to build your tour with your goals, interests and photography equipment in mind



The Occasional Blog Article

It turns out I often have blog article ideas yet rarely sit down and type them. There’s too much exploring to do!

5 Tips For Reintroducing Yourself to Big Cities and Urban Environments

Reopening is happening! You are eager to travel again (YAY!) Does the thought of visiting a big city and the urban environment give you a bit of anxiety? Maybe before COVID, you felt a bit intimidated by the sounds and tall buildings but comfortable sticking to the tourist maps…and now? Now, the thought of crowds and touching things lots of people touch and being close to others and…well, you get the idea.

Out Of The Fog and Into Restart

It’s March 2021. Period. If you’re reading this, you and I made it through 2020, though not even a little bit unscathed. Feeling that head fog? From lockdown or shut down to gradually reopening but still unable to operate to now, I’ve had all the …

How to Kick the Clouds Away – Photography Inspiration Tips & Tools

It’s a new year and wintertime in Chicago. So far, that combination has cast clouds over our New Years resolutions and stuck our feelings of new hope in the debris of the curbs. We’ve all heard it enough to gag: “Gray days are great for …

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