What Is Tour Through A Lens?

Tour Through A Lens is an intense, urban photography adventure, and each tour is customized for you. Along the way, you’ll hear “Chicagoisms”, fun facts, some quirky stories and experience visual examples of the city’s rich architectural history.

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, made up of 77 neighborhoods, and is known for its historic and modern architecture, its food, its people, its cultures and its magnificent views. There is so much to explore and photograph! How do you make this visit your own story?

Built with your goals, interests and photography equipment in mind, your tour becomes a photographic experience.

If you’re planning a visit to Chicago, book your custom Tour Through A Lens tour and experience the city like a local!

The Bespoke Difference

You have limited time to see Chicago and want to explore and capture the city in all its awesomeness. This is your time to fuel your creativity and make the most of your visit.

Looking to capture the skyline, the architecture, the people? Where do you begin? Where are you going to find those unique photos where the local photographers go, or capture the iconic tourist locations with a different perspective? Are you more interested in Chicago’s urban grit, unsure where to find it or if it’s safe?

This is where I come in. I’m your local photography guide to Chicago. When you book, you’re booking my time, my knowledge, my passion. If that means meeting you before sunrise to chase light, or exploring an area you’ve really wanted to visually explore, that’s why you book with me.

And how can you do all of this more creatively? By answering a few questions, I build a tour based on your goals, your interests and your photography equipment. Together, you and I create and tell your story of Chicago. And the best part? We do it at your pace!

The Goal

The goal is to help you see things you haven’t before, in ways you never thought to look, and turn them into meaningful and creative memories.

I want to change the way you participate in other tours and affect the way you see your city or hometown. The hope is that you will take what you learn and apply it to every place you visit, and return to Chicago for inspiration.

The bonus is that I have the opportunity to show off Chicago to you who has the opportunity to see parts of my city you never explored or explored this way before.

Is This For Me?

Those who will most enjoy and benefit from a Tour Through A Lens are:

  • People who enjoy photography and travel
  • People who love to explore, maybe even seek the unique and unusual
  • People who are creative as well as those who feel they have zero creative ability
  • People who are comfortable with their photography equipment

New to Photography / Have a New Camera?

How exciting! Now it’s time to learn to use it. Before your tour, it is recommended to take a Photography Bootcamp or Intro to Photography class. I’d be happy to recommend an excellent online workshop by internationally, highly-rated instructors that will teach you the fundamentals of photography and all those buttons and settings. Then, you’ll be ready to gain some field experience while you’re here!

To make the most of your time with me, it is recommended you know at least the basics of photography (aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc), how and where to change the settings on your camera before your tour. When you are reasonably comfortable with your tool, I will help you with the visual and creative side.

The amount of time you and I spend on settings and photography basics will directly affect how much of the city we have time for you to experience and capture.

Photo Credits
Page Header: Magda Orsag
Headshot: Paul Audia

Teresa Peek

Photography is what fuels me.
Chicago and Travel are what inspire me.
My camera is my tool.
Meeting planning, leading and teaching people is my background.
Together they are Tour Through A Lens.

In addition to operating Tour Through A Lens, I’ve been learning how this business and photography can provide opportunities to put my skills and faith to work such as helping teens with either emotional or physical challenges learn to use photography as a transformative tool.

I also enjoy volunteering my time and passion for photography to some organizations changing the world. Help-Portrait, My Block, My Hood, My City, Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Annual Open House Chicago to name a few. Formerly an organizer for a very large photography Meetup.com group, I continue to create and lead photo walks for Chicago photographers participating in annual worldwide photo walks such as Flickr and Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk.

These various experiences have enriched my life, led me to be more involved in my local community, changed who I am and opened my eyes to the power of photography.

As a Christian who has been on a life-changing journey for the past several years, I thank God for the gift of Tour Through A Lens. Without Him, I would not be a female entrepreneur pursuing a passion previously thought of as only a hobby or something other people do. I would not have the ideas, the growth and the opportunities to meet the amazing people I have met since the concept phase of this business and continue to meet every tour. I am thankful to each and every cheerleader, prayer warrior, encourager, supporter, coach, teacher, mentor and friend who has been there all along or at just the right time, and for those who have walked this journey with me…and still are. Thank you!