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Often, my tour clients, friends and colleagues hear me recommending CreativeLive as an excellent resource of online workshops to learn or improve photography skills or even learn about the business side. Some clients seeking additional help learning their camera’s buttons or functions on their own also hear me singing CreativeLive’s praises. Why?

Learn Photography

Not to at all slight any other CL instructors, but I’m a HUGE fan of John Greengo and his teaching style! From the very first online course CreativeLive ran with him teaching Fundamentals of Photography, he has put an extreme amount of time and effort into creating visual teaching tools for his visual audience. Not just photo examples but animations showing comparisons and differences for Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, the buttons and equipment and focal ranges. Better than a book could do, his visual, put-into-action style taught me the way I learn. It all suddenly clicked!

Now, Fundamentals of Photography is an entire thorough package of its own including the basics, buttons/settings and gear talk touching on lenses and tripods. It’s an insane amount of awesome tips and information! (Next Live session airs March 22-23!)

John Greengo, are you blushing yet?

Learn the Gear

One more seriously helpful resource of John’s is his “Camera Fast Start” series. We’ve all been told “READ THE MANUAL”. Do you? Be honest. I skimmed mine and, as a visual learner, was a bit confused by portions of it. Looking to buy or gift a new camera, even a used but recent model? Watch his “Fast Start”! John turns the written manual into a visual one!

Ok, what about all the other workshops CreativeLive puts out there for us?

Not Just Photography

Let’s see…there’s post-processing, lighting, how to turn your photography into a business, how to market that business, how to use social media for it, how to create a more healthy life as a photographer (I’ve recently started the Yoga For Photographers to get my winter core into summer strength for carrying the gear) and so many more, I have to stop here. What kind of photography? Pfft. Nearly everything! Wedding, portrait, nature, travel… And if photography’s not your creative place, video or music creation? Travel? Crafts? Seriously, over the years, they’ve built tracks of topics.

A Who’s Who

Instructors are a mix of professionals and in that mix are, let’s just throw some names around, Joe McNally, Tim Ferris, Jasmine Star, Pye Jirsa, Art Wolfe, Chase Jarvis…want me to go on?

My Why

Why am I blathering on and on about CreativeLive? The emotional answer is, in a sense, they changed my life. They gave me feasible tools to learn my craft which led me to pair my former life’s skills with my passion for photography and create Tour Through A Lens. The non-emotional answer is I decided that, after helping so many people find them as a resource, it was time to pair up with them as an affiliate so I am now able to officially and properly promote this valuable tool to others seeking help on those camera buttons…and so much more!

Let’s Do This (Me Too!)!

So what makes all of this even sweeter?? You can watch their workshops FREE (!!) when they’re live and the rewatches that immediately follow, and, if you purchase (use my link!!) during the live or replay session, they offer serious discount pricing.

There you have it! I’m hipping you to some top-notch teaching to strengthen your skills and fuel your passion. Take a course and get yourself to Chicago so we can tour it together, you and I!

An Example Of Awesomeness

P.S. Right now, their Photography Bundles are 50% off!

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