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How Chicago Changed Me – And How What I’ve Learned Can Help You

Do you ever think how a place changes you over time? February 28th marked the 18th anniversary of my arrival in Chicago, and I find myself reflecting how this city has changed me, good or bad. Take a look at a few specific areas and let my growing pains help you avoid mistakes šŸ˜‰ FOOD […]

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Music From The Inside

I love music. I love live music, mainly because I prefer to sit close to the musicians and watch them work their instrument to create the beautiful sound. This photographer took that to a different level for me…. Instruments From The Inside

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Exciting News About Tour Through A Lens!

  If you’re not following Tour Through A Lens on social media, you missed the exciting news this past week. No worries, I made a little video to share with you all! (No, I’m not reading a card. You’re allowed to chuckle…not too much. Videos make me nervous!)     I must say it again…Tour […]

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Happy Father’s Day: “World’s Best Father”

A funĀ little Father’s Day tribute     You may have seen this post on Social Media outlets a few years ago. It went semi-viral in the photography world. If you haven’t seen it, take a look! This is a photographer being creative, having fun and spending time with family. Being Creative With His Daughter   […]

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