Inspire With Photography

      Today, I made a retail clerk smile and look at her job differently. How? I started talking about how I had left my camera at home and was desperately wishing I could take photos of her makeup/perfume counter displays. She asked ‘why?’ with a suspicious look on her face and in her tone.

I began to describe all the patterns and colors around us that would make great fill-the-frame and contrast photos. I continued on by sharing a personal habit I have of finding “faces” in inanimate objects. She grinned with a little giggle and immediately began searching her counters for “faces” as if a child on a scavenger hunt.

She thanked me for being such an inspiration and said she’s going to start looking around as she does her work. As I walked away, I said I hoped I changed how she sees life around her and to have a great day.

I’m always recommending CreativeLive as an excellent resource for professional photography education, so much so, I’ve become an affiliate marketer. What’s great about them? Live classes are FREE to watch and you can purchase for discount prices during the live sessions. My favorite is John Greengo and his photography courses. Check them out!

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