Thoughts From The Bus

Thoughts From The Bus

Thoughts From The Bus is a series of observations, musings and rantings from my commutes on Chicago’s public transit system, the CTA.

Much of my life, I have been a people-watcher. I find human interaction, human nature mixed with a bit of psychology quite fascinating to watch from the outside. Sometimes, I enjoy creating a make-believe narrative, other times I try and determine what a person is doing or why, and sometimes I just chuckle shake my head. Riding public transportation is one of many “candy stores” for this type of activity.

When I came to Chicago, I never dreamed I would EVER relinquish my car and be 100% dependent on public transportation. After all, while Chicago does have an extensive transit system, there are many locations and reasons for needing a vehicle. As my trusty Toyota (or “Yota”, as it read after the years of street parking in Winter had frozen the label and broken off) was showing signs of age and dying, it was finally time to make the sad decision to say “Goodbye” to the world of transportation independence.

As I rode the CTA more regularly, I began to observe the people and things along my journeys. On March 31, 2015, I casually posted to Facebook a thought I had while riding the bus. Gradually, I found myself posting more often about my sightings, thoughts or experiences during this “downtime” on Facebook as everyday, ordinary posts. Little did I know, then, my “Thoughts From The Bus” would take on a life of their own and gain a following.  And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

I hope you will ride along with me and enjoy my Thoughts From The Bus

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