Special Chicago Features

In recent weeks, Tour Through A Lens has been both a source of information and a highlight of a “Top Eco-Friendly Things To Do in Chicago” list.

When I started this company, I wanted to give visitors a reason to really explore the urban environment, the beautiful architecture and cityscapes of Chicago with someone they felt would help them see the world in a different, more visual way. I hadn’t thought, then, about whether or not it would impact the environment, bring attention to local artists or raise awareness to Chicago’s 77 communities. I’m grateful for the people who have been opening my eyes to the impact and possibilities.

Wayfaring Views

A woman visiting Chicago, exploring our graffiti and street art communities, met up with me while I was out scouting for a tour. She met with galleries and artists, as well, writing an article about her experiences. For those who love to protect Chicago’s facts, there are a few errors in the article but it’s a good overview for solo travelers.


The online magazine, Ecophiles, also highlighted TTAL in their selection of eco-friendly activities to do in Chicago. Have a look at the list of Chicago’s top tourist spots. I’m proud to be the one unique activity highlighted among other top Chicago Attractions.

If you have suggestions how Tour Through A Lens can impact people or community, I’d love to hear your ideas either in Comments or email. Thank you for the support!

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