A Temporary Change at Tour Through A Lens You Should Know

If you’ve been on a photography tour with me, there’s a 70% chance you’ve heard me talk passionately about a citywide annual event put on by the Chicago Architecture Foundation: Open House Chicago.

Open House Chicago is an opportunity for curious people like you and me to see buildings and spaces normally either closed to the public or require membership or ticket purchase to enter. It’s the ultimate urban exploration experience…many involving stunning views of Chicago from above!!

Since its inaugural year six years ago, I’ve volunteered as a Greeter and

Photo Credit: Bob Segal

been assigned to some fascinating locations. Because of the places I’ve seen, I tell everyone they should return to Chicago for this TOTALLY FREE event.

Why am I telling you this? I have joined the OHC team at the Chicago Architecture Foundation to work on this year’s event!! I’m excited to be so involved in an event for the curious and those who love architecture.

What does this mean for Tour Through A Lens?

I’m still giving tours during July and August and, as the event gets closer, September and October through event weekend, tours and communications will be very limited, as you may imagine. After the event, tours will be back to full-speed for you to enjoy Fall in Chicago.

So when is this exciting event you should try to plan a visit to explore? Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15. If you can’t make this year, it’s an annual event always the same weekend, after the Chicago Marathon. For information, keep your eye on openhousechicago.org.

Let’s Have a Client Dinner

If you’re planning to visit that weekend, or are here and plan to explore OHC, I’d love to plan a dinner sometime either Friday night or Sunday after for some clients to meet and share. Email me if you’re interested.

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