Thoughts From The Bus

Thoughts From The Bus

I miss my car. I remember commuting and being in my own “personal space” playing music, singing as if I was auditioning for a solo in a musical or something. Having my personal space and sanity time in the morning, time in a bubble, so I can arrive at my destination with a positive frame of mind ready to face whatever’s to come is something I now realize I took for granted.

People talked as if it’s easier not having a car, less stressful or preferred. Commuting every day by bus or train may have a certain level of convenience but people are in my face (literally), in my back, shoving, being rude, blasting foul “music” or videos, shouting vulgarities at each other (and that’s the people who are family!). And don’t even get me started on grocery shopping by bus! Now that I’m sans car, people say it’s grueling and very much not fun.

Thanks, people. I’m not amused by the #changeoftune.

Thoughts From The Bus (Bonus Edition):

To the old woman, somewhere in the age range of 75-83, rocking the button-down knotted to show your wrinkled belly: I’m both slightly grossed out and impressed. Rock on, girl!

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