Among The Stacks

Harold Washington Library stacks

I decided to find new workspace the other day. I went to Chicago’s awesome Harold Washington Library to do some work on a project. {Fun Fact: It is the largest public library, in square footage, in the world.}

After a couple of hours, I finished the first step of my project so I decided to take a break and walk around the upper floors of the library which contain World Languages, Fiction, Music and Music practice rooms, books on Art, Travel and Photography. I headed to the Photography books and sat down in the corner nook on the floor while I started looking over all the book titles. Some were instructional How-Tos, some were books filled with photos similar to coffee table books and others were from authors who had their stories to tell. I picked a couple here and there and began to flip through them to see what people had decided to share about photography and our world.

As I looked among the stacks of books in front of me, I wondered, “Has every part of the world been captured by a photographer?”

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