The Half-Day Tour

THE MOST REQUESTED OPTION! The HALF­-DAY Tour gives you five hours of true exploring where you'll begin to feel like a local Chicagoan and a local photographer.

$420.00*Per tour



The One-Focus Tour

The ONE-­FOCUS Tour is a 3-hour "snapshot" of Chicago (puns intended). The city is much larger and more spread out than you think! There are two unique options to choose from to help you accomplish your goal if you don't have much time in your travel itinerary.

$240.00*Per tour



The Total Immersion Tour

The TOTAL IMMERSION Tour is the total package! Exploring, photographing, commuting, eating, experiencing Chicago like a local photographer does and creating your travel story to take back home. How much of this vast city can you capture in a day?

$710.00*Per tour


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