Some Helpful Reminders:

  1. Bring your camera!
    ***Charge your camera battery & be sure you have a formatted, empty memory card! ***
  2. Bring water / sports drink to keep properly hydrated. Hydration keeps your mind sharp and your body able to bend down for those unique angles.
  3. Wear comfortable, closed-toed walking shoes/boots. The route is urban walking.
  4. The weather in Chicago can very different depending on where you are, even within blocks. Downtown is typically cooler than the weather forecast with added wind. Dressing in layers allows for versatility to add or remove for you to be most comfortable on your tour.
  5. Summer:
    1. Sunscreen and hydrating drink will be your friends
  6. Winter:
    1. Tuck extra, fully-charged battery in an inside pocket
    2. Dress for wet chill (humidity) with base and insulating layers to warm and wick away moisture
    3. Hat, gloves and scarf
  7. If you are running late or get lost, please call Teresa at +1(312) 291-1064
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