The Total Immersion Tour

The TOTAL IMMERSION Tour is a unique 9­-hour opportunity for you to become a local photographer for a day. You’ll choose either sunrise or sunset as the anchor I build the rest of your tour around. We’ll walk, we’ll use public transit, we’ll rush to see some locations and spend quality time creating photographs in […]

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The One-Focus Tour

The ONE-­FOCUS Tour is a 3-hour tour for either those who don’t have much time in your travel itinerary and want to explore at least some of Chicago or who want to take time to concentrate on their photography skill. There are two unique options to choose from: 1. A photography­ walking (or with transit, […]

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The Half-Day Tour

THE MOST REQUESTED OPTION! The HALF­-DAY Tour is a 5-hour tour that begins to give you the feel of being a local Chicagoan and a local photographer. Whether you prefer the iconic Chicago tourist locations or desire more to see the “locals” version with some of our unique and hidden gems, you’ll be shown unique perspectives […]

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