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The Total Immersion Tour

Chicago, IL, USA (0)
from/per tour $532.00
  • Photography Tour
  • Access for disabled
  • Groups allowed
  • Requires Transit Pass
  • Tour guide

© Adam Dooley Photography
© Adam Dooley Photography
© Adam Dooley Photography
© Adam Dooley Photography


The TOTAL IMMERSION Tour is a unique 9­-hour opportunity for you to become a local photographer for a day.

You’ll choose either sunrise or sunset as the anchor I build the rest of your tour around. We’ll walk, we’ll use public transit, we’ll rush to see some locations and spend quality time creating photographs in others. You’ll hear Chicago stories, some personal anecdotes and learn about Chicago’s history and levels. We’ll stop for a meal break and, depending on time of day, a local coffee or snack break (food/drink not included in price).

Tour start / end locations are not the same location. Not to worry, we either end somewhere not far from where we began (or your stay location) or I accompany you back, depending on your plans and comfort level.

Duration: 9 hours
Price: $532 USD (Includes 1 / 1+companion) + meal/snack/beverage + $10 transit pass* (per person) (First 1-day transit pass included*)

*Pricing includes one client. One companion is included at no extra charge for the tour (Additional $10 USD for the transit pass). For 3-4 people, $65 USD each additional person plus $10 USD per person for the 1-day transit pass. If you are bringing more than four of your favorite photography friends, please contact me before booking to inquire.

*I will supply you the 1­-day transit pass at the beginning of your tour, unless otherwise discussed. This pass provides each person unlimited rides on Chicago’s buses and ‘L’ trains for 24 hours from first use. This is helpful to know if you would like to purchase and use it before your tour or plan to use it for an outing afterward. NOTE: If you use it before your tour, be sure your first use is after the time your tour will end the next day, not begin.

TIP: If you’re a light chaser, check HERE for sunrise, sunset and Blue Hour times before deciding your start time. Select your travel month. The dates are along the left side of the chart. On this site, Blue Hour would be considered the “Civil Twilight” Start or End.