Tour Through A Lens is a hands-on, urban walking photography tour, and an opportunity to explore unique parts of Chicago, be taught how to see the world around you from different perspectives, and forever change the way you take photos and create memories!

Taking this tour at the beginning of your visit will give you fun photography tools to notice things you may have otherwise missed while on your other Chicago tours and help you take more interesting photos than those quick-click "tourist shots". If you're a local or native Chicagoan, this tour will be a fun challenge to explore your city from different perspectives and enjoy getting out!

Tour Through A Lens offers several unique tour options depending on your interest:

General Tours

Group Tours

Private Tours

Customized Tours

Personal Photography Tour Guide 

Participant Waiver Form:

All Tour Through A Lens attendees will be required to read and sign a waiver form prior to beginning each tour. Waivers will be emailed to attendees prior to the tour and may be returned or handed to your guide upon arrival.



~~ Photographers welcome. Non-photographers encouraged. Tourists and Locals. ~~